We Set Out To Redefine Better

Instinct® – The Raw Brand, starting from feeding the big cats at the Lincoln zoo to producing the life changing pet food from 2001, has continue our mission to provide more raw and minimally processed dietary nutrition for both dogs and

Our Ingredients
Our pets deserved a better life, and it all starts from the food we gave them. With manufacturing facilities situated in Lincoln, Nebraska, our ingredients are specially sourced from around the world with proteins from the US, Canada, New
Zealand, Australia and France- with first priority on superior quality.

Our Products
Instinct’s range of products are 100% natural and stay free from filler, byproduct, soy, corn and any artificial ingredients. We are also the only raw pet food company in North America to earn SQF’s highest level of certification: an
“Excellent” Food Safety rating and certification in Quality.

Pet Sustainability Coalition Member In 2020, Instinct is a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC). We seek to drive positive impact for the environments and commits to all recyclable packaging by 2025! Help us to reduce carbon pawprint !

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