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ADVANCE VETERINARY DIETS URINARY STRESS is a complete dietetic product for adult cats with lemon balm, tryptophan and peptides from fish, ingredients that help to reduce stress. Formulated with a moderate amount of magnesium and properties to acidify the urine, it is recommended for preventing the reappearance of struvite stones in your cat’s urine.

  • MELISSA, FISH PEPTIDES AND TRYPTOPHN Help to reduce stress, a predisposing factor for feline idiopathic cystitis, urine marking and urination at innapropriate places.
  • MAGNESIUM, SODIUM AND POTASSIUM Lower magnesium and urine pH and higher sodium and potassium to decrease urine relative supersaturation (RSS) in struvite and oxalate.
  • WITH GLUCOSAMINE AND CHONDROITIN Help protect the integrity of the urinary epithelium.
  • COMPLETE AND BALANCED For a long-term daily diet.

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Our Ingredients



dehydrated poultry proteins

maize protein

maize meal

animal fat

hydrolysed animal proteins

fish oil


potassium chloride

beet pulp


fish peptides(0,1%)

melissa extract(0,1%)

potassium citrate

glucosamine (400 mg/kg)

chondroitin sulphate(100 mg/kg)

Urinary acidifying substances:maize protein, ammonium chloride, methionine

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein 34.0%

Crude fat 13.0%

Curde fibre 1.0%

Crude ash 7.5%

Calcium 0.9%

Phosphorus 0.9%

Sodium 0.8%

Potassium 1.0%

Magnesium 0.07%

Chloride 2.2%

Sulphur 0.4%

L-tryptophan 0.35%


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