ADVANCE Vet cat Urinary 1.5kg [EXP MAY 2023]


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Urinary problems are frequent in cats. If your cat tends to suffer difficulties or problems urinating, it can benefit from a product suited to its needs. ADVANCE VETERINARY DIETS URINARY is a complete dietetic product for adult cats. Thanks to its moderate level of magnesium and urine aiding properties, it is recommended to reduce the reappearance of struvite stones in urine. In addition, the product offers a complete and balanced diet for the daily nutrition of cats which tend to suffer urinary problems.

  • MODERATE LEVEL OF MAGNESIUM AND MINERALS Hinder the formation of struvite and oxalate stones.
  • OPTIMAL LEVEL OF SODIUM AND POTASSIUM Help to increase urine volume and dilution.
  • WITH GLUCOSAMINE AND CHONDROITIN Help to recover the mucosa of the urinary tract.
  • COMPLETE AND BALANCED For a long-term daily diet.


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Our Ingredients




dehydrated pork proteins


dehydrated poultry proteins

maize meal


animal fat,stabilised with mixed tocopherols of natural origin

hydrolysed animal proteins


potassium chloride

fish oil

potassium citrate

glucosamine (400 mg/kg)

chondroitin sulphate (100 mg/kg)

Urinary acidifying substances: maize protein, phosphoric acid, methionine.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein 35.0%

Crude fat 14.0%

Crude fibres 1.5%

Crude ash 6.5%

Calcium 0.7%

Phosphorus 0.7%

Sodium 0.7%

Potassium 0.9%

Magnesium 0.07%

Chloride 1.7%

Sulphur 0.4%


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