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If your sterilized cat has problems with forming hairballs, it needs nutrition that helps it to prevent hairballs from forming and also one that helps to prevent the changes in their metabolism that sterilization can cause, such as increased weight, lower tolerance to glucose and urinary tract problems. ADVANCE Hairball Sterilized helps sterilized cats to control their weight, reduce the risk of urinary problems and, thanks to oat fibre and malt extract, helps to prevent the formation of hairballs.

  • PEA FIBRE AND MALT EXTRACT Help prevent hairballs.
  • FIBRE AND L-CARNITINE Reduces the number of calories in food and helps metabolise fats.
  • MINERAL & INGREDIENT BALANCE Combination of minerals and specific ingredients for an optimal urine pH.
  • TURKEY, BARLEY AND INMUNOGLOBULINS Contribute to digestive and intestinal health.

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Our Ingredients

Turkey (15%)


maize protein

dehydrated pork proteins

dehydrated poultry proteins

barley (8%)


hydrolysed animal proteins

beet pulp

vegetable fibre

animal fat,stabilised with mixed tocopherols of natural origin

pea fiber (1.6%)

malt extract (1.5%)


potassium chloride

fish oil


plasma proteins,natural source of immunoglobulins (0.4%)

natural polyphenols (0.01%)

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein 37.0%

Crude fat 10.5%

Crude fibres 4.1%

Crude ash 7.0%


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